Sweet, Youthful, Vulnerable

Stephanie Peterson is a professional actress based in Texas. Her extensive credits include work in film, national commercials, print media, and radio voiceover. In 2007, she won the Best Actress award at the Darkhorse Film Festival for her work in RELATION.


Director Robby Storey had this to say about Stephanie’s work on the film (taken from an interview on Pearl Snap Discount):

“We didn’t have a whole lot of prep time for RELATION so it was crucial to find an actress who could step in and successfully elevate the material from page to screen in a crunch. We gave Peterson the role without hesitation, having previously witnessed her dramatic prowess. She’s also hilarious, by they way. On RELATION it was astounding how she did so much with so little time. And I think as a duo we were able to delve into the nuances of such an unconventional and complicated relationship.”

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Commercial Updates

This has been a big commercial year for me! I had the great pleasure of filming two national comedic VOC commercials, among others. One for Guaranteed Rate featuring Ty Pennington…

…and one for Personal Optics (double-click to play)

As the year comes to a close, I’m working with acting coach Tony Sears and gearing up for a successful 2015!

JCPenney Commercial Shoot

The weather tried to hold us back on set of the JCPenney national commercial I shot last week, but we wouldn’t let it! We all pressed on and waited as needed.

Kamille and I on set

It was great to finally work with some Austinites! In between my first child and second, I worked in Dallas and Oklahoma (not complaining!). Now that Emma is getting older, I hope to be working in Austin more.

This one is a national broadcast commercial, so be looking for it soon!

I Am… Gabriel to be Released on DVD in August

I Am... Gabriel screening - I am second from the right - and 7 months pregnant!

In April, I had the privilege to attend the screening of I Am… Gabriel, a touching film shot in 2011 starring John Schneider and Dean Cain. Everyone was amazing to work with; it’s been one of my favorite projects to date.

While we were there, we found out the I Am… Gabriel will be released on DVD on August 28! Look for it in your local retailers, such as WalMart. And Like the Facebook page while you’re at it. 😉

Midfirst Bank Commercial

I love to work with babies, and the Midfirst Bank “Parenthood” Commercial was no exception. It was a great shoot, and the commercial turned out very sweet.

View it here https://www.midfirst.com/TVCommercials/Default.aspx

Click on Parenthood. Enjoy!

Mother Nature is Live!

Hey – remember the Mother Nature role I played for Oklahoma Natural Gas? Well, the commercials are airing currently in Oklahoma, and the print campaign is live on their website.

Check it out here.

You’ll get to see such amazing pics as this one!

Week 2 of I Am… Gabriel

I can’t believe I’m almost wrapped on I Am… Gabriel (one more day on set this week)! It’s been such an amazing film to be a part of. The crew is amazing, the cast is amazing. The God is amazing! 🙂

During week 2, I got to shoot my scene with Dean Cain, who was fantastic to work with – and a really nice guy!

We also shot the climax of the movie, and I was so moved by God’s presence while filming (I wish I could show you some of the pics from that night, but I don’t want to spoil it!). And I was only one of many so humbled to be doing this work for Him!

Here’s a pic of most of the cast members. One short film shoot, and we’re like old friends!

This week, I get to work with John Schneider, whom I’ve heard is fantastic! Can’t wait!

Fabulous Start to I Am … Gabriel

What a week it’s been! On Wednesday, I was transformed into a fairy princess-style character for a fun commercial campaign. It was so much fun to do a commercial that felt like a mini-film! Once the commercial airs, I’ll post the fabulous pictures I got on set.

I also started work on I AM … GABRIEL this week. I am so impressed by the cast and crew of this film. Everyone is utterly prepared, ego-less, and simply lovely. Can I just say how refreshing it is to be working with an ensemble that includes so many talented WOMEN! Thank you, Mike, for writing a script that showcases us in this powerful story!

All of us gals have clicked SO well – just look at us!

Lynette Elliott, Elise Baughman, Becky Turner, Rebekah Kenedy, Stephanie Peterson

Lynette Elliott, Stephanie Peterson, Becky Turner, Jenn Gotzen, Elise Baughman

Fairy Princess for a Day (or two!)

What woman doesn’t want to be a fairy princess? Anyone, Anyone?

When I got the audition notice for a commercial in which I would basically play a Disney-style fairy princess, I was stoked. Some auditions are just as good as the jobs themselves!

The opportunity to wear pink high heels and put iridescent makeup all over your face and shine like the princess you are just doesn’t come around often enough!

OK…getting to the point…I’m going to get to be the fairy princess for this client! Yes – I got the job!! It films next week, and I can’t wait to post pictures for you.

Wizard 101 Voiceover

Have you ever played Wizard 101? If you love video games, especially of the family-friendly variety, check it out!

The game is already released and very successful, but they’re adding new content, and guess who will now be doing some of the voices on the game?

That’s right. Moi.

I can’t say any more than that – except that it’s SUPER fun to work on this project! I love being able to strain flex my voice in various ways.

This is the best job ever. 😉

I Am Gabriel film

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been cast as Kelly Wall, a young mom, in the upcoming film I AM GABRIEL, starring Dean Cain and John Schneider and directed by Mike Norris. This faith-based film is about how a city that has lost its hope gets directed back to God. I’ll be combining my love for my savior Jesus with my love for film in this role, filming in August.