Week 2 of I Am… Gabriel

I can’t believe I’m almost wrapped on I Am… Gabriel (one more day on set this week)! It’s been such an amazing film to be a part of. The crew is amazing, the cast is amazing. The God is amazing! 🙂

During week 2, I got to shoot my scene with Dean Cain, who was fantastic to work with – and a really nice guy!

We also shot the climax of the movie, and I was so moved by God’s presence while filming (I wish I could show you some of the pics from that night, but I don’t want to spoil it!). And I was only one of many so humbled to be doing this work for Him!

Here’s a pic of most of the cast members. One short film shoot, and we’re like old friends!

This week, I get to work with John Schneider, whom I’ve heard is fantastic! Can’t wait!

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